Bem-vindos ao Dance Music 101, um espaço dedicado para que você conheça melhor os líderes da indústria da música eletrônica no mundo. Para manter sua origem, optamos por manter as perguntas – que sempre serão as mesmas – e respostas em inglês.


Mia Lucci is a DJ, producer, host to her own radio show on Ibiza Global Radio for 3 years running and partner in Berlin based record label Kindisch. Mia has established herself at the forefront of the modern House and Techno movement with a career spanning over 10 years behind the decks and 6 years in the studio, she has become a staple in the international House and Techno scene.

Life: when was the moment you figured out that Dance Music was meant to you?
There wasn’t really a defining moment. It was more a collection of moments that created the close affinity I now have with dance music. From what I’ve seen in life we’re all a product of our environment and that includes developing a quality like passion. I began DJing when I had to pay my way through university but that led to me taking more interest in music, finding new records, travelling to Ibiza, starting a record label, giving up my profession as a Child & Family Psychologist and ultimately focusing full time in the industry. All of these experiences built my passion for Dance Music.

Laugh: when was the last time you had real fun?
Do you want me to tell you how it’s a mission of mine to make everyday fun or if are you looking for details about my last 2-day party bender? Both require a little more time then what we have here but I can tell you about them in person one day :)

Love: name the one thing you love more than anything, and why is that?
I love “love”. Mushy but true.

Past: name a significative moment in your career in Dance Music – and why is that?
I was having one of those moments where I was doubting myself. A friend of mine said to me something along the lines of “It doesn’t matter how you begin or finish. There’s no right or wrong way to do music. You just do it. You will have your own journey as has and will everyone before and after you”. There are a lot of moments (and I still have them now) where something might happen or be said and it makes you doubt yourself. But having those words in my head and believing in my own individual path is what pulls me back in line whenever I get off track.

Present: what do you think is trending today in music, clubs and festivals?
There is a huge shift musically across continents and generations. The biggest shift that I have noticed across continents and generations is that there is this increased burning curiosity for people to seek out something new, to be part of something fresh and also unique. I feel like music from the underground (for lack of a better word) is really making headway because of this.

Future: where is industry heading in the years to come?
Because the younger generations are becoming more curious and wanting to be part of something unique, this is opening the flood gates for increased exposure and general consumption of music in our industry. And this means growth of the industry. For me, the more the merrier. It is a great thing what is happening in our scene.