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Dance Music 101, um espaço dedicado para que você conheça melhor os líderes da indústria da música eletrônica no mundo. Para manter sua origem, optamos por manter as perguntas – que sempre serão as mesmas – e respostas em inglês.

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Matt de Plessis
is Get Physical’s A&R manager in Berlin. He also manages artists such as Marc Houle (Items & Things), Jazzuelle (Get Physical), Stephan Hinz (Second State) and he has run labels for artists such as Chris Liebing (CLR), Nicole Moudaber (Mood) and Groove Armada (Pack Up And Dance). His passion of Electronic Music dates from early 90’s and took him on a journey from Paris to New York, Barcelona, London, Berlin and Rio de Janeiro.

– Life: when was the moment you figured out that Dance Music was meant to you?
It was back in 1984, I was 8 years old and I was dancing at my parents living room to bronski beat – small town boy as I got the 7inch record as a birthday present. I use to  play it again and again every day at any time of the day and dancing in front of my parents hi fi stereo system.

– Laugh: when was the last time you had real fun?
Very hard to pick a moment! I usually try to laugh as much as possible on a daily basis, i can mostly turn anything into a joke if life gives me enough time. I had a real fun time in Rio during the last Rio Music Conference with my partners in crime Leo Janeiro and Roland Leesker… I think we have rinsed a lot of running punch line jokes that we have made up together and this was going on for days… Hilarious!

– Love: name the one thing you love more than anything – and why is that?
The Sun cause everybody loves the Sunshine!
Hip-hop and house music cause it’s the love of my life.
The rest is pretty much personal for now.

– Past: name a significative moment in your career in Dance Music – and why is that?
I think it’s a long endless moment that has started 15 years ago when I’ve first started to work as a pro with my music heroes such as Funk D’void, Groove Armada, M.A.N.D.Y., Chris Liebing and my beloved Get Physical Family.

– Present: what do you thing that is trending today in music, clubs and festivals?
I will use my joker here and would simply quote  Antoine Lavoisier, French  chemist: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.”

– Future: where is industry heading in the years to come?
I think industry is going to have to deal with more dematerialization when it comes to music itself as a media, especially with streaming, I think it will hit the djs, the festival and clubs’s dj booths very soon at some point. When that time will come we better make sure to learn how to rematerialize our Music and to celebrate it properly during parties and Share The Fun as chicago’s pioneer Larry Heard says ‘Can You Feel it’.