Bem-vindos ao Dance Music 101, um espaço dedicado para que você conheça melhor os líderes da indústria da música eletrônica no mundo. Para manter sua origem, optamos por manter as perguntas – que sempre serão as mesmas – e respostas em inglês.


Lindsay Cabrera is a publicist for dance music artists and brands worldwide. She is the founder and director with the Lindsay Cabrera Public Relations Company [LCPR] from Toronto, Canada that has among its clients names such as Ellen Allien, John Acquaviva, Bestival Toronto, Sensation, Electric Island, SXM Festival, CODA, The Red Man, among many others.

Life: when was the moment you figured out that Dance Music was meant to you?

Dance music has always been a part of my life. I remember my dad taking me to buy the Dance Mix 93” CD when it came out — I was eight — and choreographing dance routines to Real 2 Real’s “I Like To Move It” and Snap “Rhythm is A Dancer” with my little sister in front of a large mirror in our living room. I’d say that by 2010, that’s when I realized I wanted to combine my passion for dance music and my public relations skills to eventually launch LCPR and do this for a living! I can also say that I still have all the cassettes for Dance Mix 94”-98”, and there was a time when I wanted ever so badly to be on Much Music’s Electric Circus — Canadians will know that one ;)

Laugh: when was the last time you had real fun?

This past August, about 10 of my closest friends and I went up to a friend’s cottage for a few days in Northern Canada. We danced under the stars, moonlight, laughed and had some really special moments. We watched the sunrise over the lake and really cherished our time together. As we disconnected from the real world, we re-connected with one another.

Love: name the one thing you love more than anything – and why is that?

My younger sister Elaine. She is the funniest person I know. The most real, down-to-earth and loving person. She really doesn’t mean to be funny- so that’s the best part. It’s genuine and raw and I love nothing more than to laugh until I cry with her.

Past: name a significative moment in your career in Dance Music – and why is that?

The last few years have been really special for me, as I continue to grow and connect with the amazing people in our industry. I’ve had the pleasure to work with teams around the world, and festivals alike. I’m grateful for the opportunities to work with Sensation, Bestival Toronto, Electric Island, SXM Festival and more. Each were magical experiences with extraordinary people behind them. Big thank you to all of you! I’m also very lucky to have a solid team by my side.

Present: what do you think that is trending today in music, clubs and festivals?

It seems as though festivals are becoming more interactive with their audiences, by creating more of an immersive experience. It’s more than just a stage and the performing artist – there’s interactive vendors, activities, themes, Fancy Dress aka Costumes, parades, wellness tents, gourmet foods and more! Bestival is certainly a festival you should be checking out both in Toronto and the UK! Destination festivals seem to be a trend at the moment as well. SXM Festival in Saint Martin is a new magical boutique festival in its second year happening this March 2017.

Future: where is industry heading in the years to come?

I think the dance music industry has a bright and interesting future. We don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, as the support and strength within the community is powerful. We have leaders in the industry coming together to create platforms such as The Association For Electronic Music, Nap Girls, She Said So and more. The conferences held around the world such as RMC, allow us to come together to share ideas, technology and to re-connect, leaving us inspired and motivated to do even more. I look forward to what’s next to come for everyone in the industry! I hope you all have a fantastic 2017! xx