Bem-vindos ao Dance Music 101, um espaço dedicado para que você conheça melhor os líderes da indústria da música eletrônica no mundo. Para manter sua origem, optamos por manter as perguntas – que sempre serão as mesmas – e respostas em inglês.


Kim Knight is the Managing Director of Buddy Systems, communication technology to empower the crowd at events, Founder of Crazy Bones Music – Brand and Talent Management company based in Los Angeles and Co-Founder of MALLA – a boutique fitness brand that is dedicated in building a stronger generation through music and community.

Knight is also a Board Member Electronic Music Alliance, a not for profit organization, and global membership alliance cultivating, collaborating, and celebrating social responsibility within the Electronic Dance Industry. Entrepreneur with 20 years experience in the music industry, dedicated to culture and change.

– Life: when was the moment you figured out that Dance Music was meant to you?
My first boyfriend was a DJ, his first gift to me was a mix tape (on cassette) that I couldn’t stop playing, to the point that I nearly got suspended from my catholic school for hiding my earphones under my hair in art class. I used to record all the Colin Favor shows (naughty) – then progressed into me going to raves, clubs and really getting involved in the culture. Dance music became a part of my life and the rest is history!

– Laugh: when was the last time you had real fun?
It was actually in Rio. I was attending the Rio Music Conference with my business partner and we were on the beach till late drinking Caipirinha’s and rolling in the sand listening to a bit of Loose Ends :)

– Love: name the one thing you love more than anything – and why is that?
My family, they are my strong unit that forever keeps me grounded.

– Past: name a significative moment in your career in Dance Music – and why is that?
When I worked in A&R and I realized the importance of believing in the music you work on and that you need to feed your soul, otherwise it can really kill your passion. Most of us don’t consciously choose to work in music, it’s our destiny.

– Present: what do you think that is trending today in music, clubs and festivals?
I think the big room sound may have had it’s moment as I’m noticing a resurgence in house & techno:)  I also see a lot of record labels coming up as big brands in their own right and hosting stages at festivals.

– Future: where is industry heading in the years to come?
Such a difficult question to answer but I think most people would agree streaming will continue to be the norm for music consumption.  The challenge lies in curation, there is so much music available and it’s hard to manage the quality and be able to sort through it all.

In the days of record shops the buyers would control what was sold in the shops, but with the distribution models of today anyone can upload music. Don’t get me wrong I am not against people being independent and sharing their work, but I know I am finding it more and more hard to go through all the tracks that are not for me. Most of us industry rely on promo lists, but what happens to the regular consumer?

How are they going to be influenced and find new music? Top playlists will become the new charts and ultimately the barometer for success.

However on the flip side with the current platform that is available today most talent will realise that they can achieve just as much fame by releasing their own music.