Rio Music Conference (RMC) is the biggest gathering for the electronic music and nightlife industry in South America. Besides the conference with panels, the program offers workshops and networking opportunities. The days after the conference, the electronic music industry will be celebrated with a massive festival featuring big names of the dance music scene during Rio Music Carnival. The festival takes place at Marina da Glória, one of Rio’s most beautiful venues, and the conference will be at the breathtaking Porto Maravilha, a complex featuring the new Mauá Square, the MAR (Rio’s Museum of Art) and Santiago Calatrava’s masterpiece, the Museu do Amanhã.


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The first edition of RMC emerged from the perception that dance music was developing in a fast pace in both Brazil and Latin America. By the time, the industry in Brazil was responsible for a U$3 billion budget in profits, and yet, the people involved in the business had no place to discuss ways to develop the nightlife and electronic music industry in an organized way. Nowadays, Brazil is amongst the top five countries in the world who get the most profit out of the Dance Music business.

The Main Edition provides a democratic atmosphere, custom made for networking between all productive chains of the creative economy. There are numerous seminars, debates, panels and workshops during three days of Rio Music Conference and several days of RMC Club Week – from January 27th to February 9th.


Besides the national conference in Rio, the Rio Music Conference brand is endorsed throughout the country on regional gatherings called “Regionais RMC”, that discuss local and specific themes related to the electronic music market. The Regional Gatherings maintain the same system as the Main Edition: business during the day and a roster of parties during the night. The promotional and commercial opportunities are the same, although the size and duration varies from place to place. The main objective here is to plunge into the local scenes, face the challenges of each area and absorb its uniqueness that effects the technological, artistic production, marketing and vocational issues of electronic music industry in Latin America.


The strengthening bonds with the RMC Ambassadors (over 400 people from all over the country who are intrinsically connected to the market) are defining the priorities of debates and panels for the Main Edition. The Regional Gatherings contribute to something new in the conference: the Market Yearbook. It’s a retrospect of the previous year – a milestone of the most significant developments in technology, market, artistic production and professional training areas – and also a good look on what the future holds for the entire sector. The Market Yearbook also features the outcome of the RMC Awards, where the Ambassadors have the chance to elect the “Best of the Year” in several categories. Therefore, the RMC Awards is considered the most reliable award in the national scene.

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